About Us

IMG_6065Welcome to this blog where we hope to share life on our farm, especially for our “city” friends and family, both near and far. I’m Sharon and I’m married 31 years to a 7th generation farmer on the original land his family settled in 1812. My husband, Richard, and I have twins who loved growing up and helping out on our farm. We raise corn and soybeans mainly, with a little alfalfa thrown in for good measure. Most of our crop we grow as feed for a large dairy just about a mile up the road from us.

Our son, Matt, is an Area Crop Specialist for Servi-Tech, Inc. and is based out in Lincoln, Nebraska. I hope to show you of little of the differences of our farming practices here in Ohio versus the farming community in Nebraska. Our daughter, Sarah, is a business jet pilot based in Springfield, Missouri. I hope to give you a taste of aviation life also. I’ll probably blog much about us and the farm, some about our children, and a little about the agricultural life in general.

My husband and I also have another website and blog here that we hope you will visit. It’s our ministry that grew out of a very hard time in our marriage and family.