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Beck’s Hybrids Podcast

Becks is a seed corn company. They sponsor a podcast, Across the Acres, that is typically interviewing employees, dealers and farmers while connecting, challenging and inspiring others often about topics in agriculture.

In this podcast, two Beck’s employees, Adam and Ashley Schultz, who are married to each other, were interviewed. The interview had a light-hearted tone but covered lots of serious topics such as being coworkers at the same company, dating and finding a mate, how to sustain a long-term marriage, love languages and other topics.

What was different about this from most podcasts that I listen to about marriage was that the interviewers were not working in the marriage counseling, or coaching professions, and the couple was not sharing about overcoming a big marriage crisis. They were just sharing about life and marriage in a real way. I thought it was a fun but inspiring show.

Across the Acres Special: Valentine’s Day with Adam and Ashley Schultz