Avalon Farms Ohio

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. ~ 1 Cor. 3:7

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Moving to the acres south of town.


Getting ready to head into our acres just south of town, we fill up the tractor with diesel fuel.


We make sure the planter is completely filled with seed also. The planter is now folded up to be able to fit down the road.


This is how many gallons we put in the tractor. You do the math on how much that costs! The tractor will hold 180 gallons total.


Instead of taking the seed wagon into town tonight, we just put extra bags of seed into the empty insecticide boxes. It’s an interesting sight going down the road!


I go in later to pick my farmer up late at night and get to see this.

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Moving the seed wagon . . .


Planting near the dairy in the background.


Time for me to take the seed wagon back to the barn lot.


That’s our little pond in the trees.


The view of home from the middle of the field.


I’m taking a shortcut through the woods.


I think it’s pretty back here.


Coming out of the woods.


On the way to the woods I pass the dairy’s pivot irrigator on our land. They spray their storm water through it onto our fields.


When I get back to the barn lot I see the mower crew is finished cutting the alfalfa.

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Another day planting . . .


Seed bed with the rows of corn planted.



Here’s the planter row up close. The left and right packer wheels are made for different soil conditions. That’s why one is spiked and one isn’t.


Here’s the corn seed in the seed box. It’s pink because it has insecticide on it to keep the bugs from eating it until it can sprout and emerge.


Richard’s getting the bags of seed down and ready to empty into the planter.


This is the talc blend we put in the seed box to help the seed slide down the tubes easier. It has graphite and talc mixed.


Filling the seed boxes. The box on the left is for insecticide when needed.


This is just a very small stack of the seed bags we used.


This is our “buddy seat” in the tractor. It’s so I or anyone else can ride along. When the kids were little they didn’t have these seats so we’d shove a junior sized bean bag on the side and let them ride there. At 3 years old Matt would fall asleep tucked into that seat and ride for a long time with Daddy.