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The soybeans are coming up

05 29 13 - Beans 003


You can just see the seed starting to push the dirt out of its way.

05 29 13 - Beans 001


The one on the right is still working its way up while the two on the left have broken through.

05 29 13 - Beans 004


I always think it’s amazing how that little plant can move so much heavy dirt.

05 29 13 - Beans 005


Here a seed didn’t get planted under the dirt and the one next to it did.

05 29 13 - Beans 006


You can “row” the beans. That means you can just see the whole row of plants at once.

05 29 13 - Beans 007



Planting Soybeans


This is the 30 foot soybean drill. The rows are planted 7 inches apart whereas corn is planted 30 inches apart.


Filling the drill with soybeans from the “buggy”. It’s so much easier this way than with bag after bag after bag.


Richard is aiming the tube right where the seed needs to go.


You can see all the rows for the beans.


You can hardly see him, but Troxells brought their dog along for the ride and he was watching very intently as everyone worked.


The soybean seed is green for the same reason the corn seed is pink – insecticide to keep the bugs from eating it.


The drill holds about 45 acres worth of seed.


The buggy has a scales in it and we are charged by how many pounds of seed we use. Thanks, Troxell Brothers, for helping to keep us supplied!


Our fields were a little wet yet, so Richard planted around the worst of the wet spots. It’s just time to plant whether it’s perfect conditions or not. When these places dry out he’ll go back and plant them. It’s about 25 to 30 acres out of the 165 of soybeans. I hope these ducks are enjoying the pond!