First Day of Planting 2013 – Time to Start

photo - EDITED

First time in the field to plant this year.

photo1 - EDITED

The dirt’s flyin’ tonight. We are planting corn.

photo2 - EDITED

Home is on the horizon.

photo3 - EDITED

All the electronics to monitor the seed rows, GPS, and the tractor itself.

photo4 - EDITED

That dark line is what happens when we have the marker arm down to have something to drive by. We mostly drive by GPS but on the end rows or other situations it’s sometimes helpful to have a physical mark to help us manually guide the tractor/planter.

photo5 - EDITED

The planter needs filled up with seed! It takes a lot of bags to fill it up.

photo6 - EDITED

Seed boxes are filled and ready to go. The corn seed is pink because it has insecticide on it to keep the corn safe from bugs eating it until it can spout and emerge. The dark spots are talcum powder to help the seed roll down the tubes better to the ground.

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