The corn continues to grow

Growing Corn 001

This is the view from our house of the corn growing.

Growing Corn 003

It’s starting to look beautiful.

Growing Corn 007

It’s looking like a green, lush carpet across the road from the back lane.

Growing Corn 010

You can see each row just before it “canopies”. Canopying is when the row leaves meet in the middle and close over the gap between the rows. That helps to shade out some of the weeds so they don’t get a chance to take over!

Growing Corn 013

This is one of my favorite times of the year to watch the crops grow.

Growing Corn 014

Here’s what the corn looks like close-up. I’ll have to ask my son, Matt, what “stage” the corn is in. I usually count the leaves and get it wrong! I’m going to take a shot and say this is at leaf stage V5. Matt? [Note: Matt says it’s V7 stage.]

Growing Corn 015

These are the end rows of corn in the field. The little bit of brown on the leaves is “burn” from some of the fertilizer. It won’t hurt the corn and you won’t even notice it when it grows a bit taller.

Growing Corn 016

In this picture you can see where Richard planted corn on different days in the field. The farther corn was planted several days after the corn in the forefront. I think we got rained out in this field and didn’t get it done.

Growing Corn 023

The corn at our back lane.

Growing Corn 027

The tractor and sprayer sitting in the field waiting for it to dry out after a heavy rain.

Growing Corn 028

The tanks our supplier, Blue Stone, brings our fertilizer in. They each hold about 5000 gallons.

Growing Corn 035

This corn field was planted over several days, hence the different heights of corn.

Growing Corn 037

You can really see the different size here.

1 thought on “The corn continues to grow

  1. Matt

    Definitely V7 corn, Mom. Not going to lie, it’s kind of weird seeing a pivot sitting in front of the house!


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