Alfalfa Packing

Alfalfa Packing 002

Our alfalfa goes to a dairy a mile from us. Here’s the big pile of chopped alfalfa.

Alfalfa Packing 017

The semi you saw in the field now comes to unload at the pile.

Alfalfa Packing 020

The driver opens the swing door on the trailer to prepare to unload.

Alfalfa Packing 021

Alfalfa Packing 022

He then starts to raise the trailer.

Alfalfa Packing 023

Almost to the top.

Alfalfa Packing 024

The alfalfa slides out as he slowly drives forward.

Alfalfa Packing 025

Alfalfa Packing 008

This is the packing tractor. He will push the pile of alfalfa with his blade on the front and the tires and weight of the tractor will compress it to drive the air out and pack it tight so it will ferment over time and store properly.

Alfalfa Packing 003

Alfalfa Packing 005

Alfalfa Packing 007

Alfalfa Packing 013

Alfalfa Packing 015

When they are done adding alfalfa to this pile they will tarp it to protect it from the weather and help it to ferment.

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