Silage Harvest Has Started!

The corn is ready for silage-making.

Harvest 2013 119


Harvest 2013 120


Harvest 2013 123


The crew came last Wednesday and started chopping our corn for silage for the dairy cows. Two choppers, eight “buggies”, and five semi’s. It’s been a busy place! Remember, when you chop the corn for silage they chop the WHOLE plant. When you “combine” the corn, you just take the kernels of corn. In the picture below, the “buggy” is following the chopper that is blowing the silage into it as he “opens up” the field. Once the chopper has gone all the way through the field and then turns around the buggy can drive alongside him.

Harvest 2013 202


Harvest 2013 205


Harvest 2013 214


Harvest 2013 223


The chopper takes 10 rows of corn at a time. Here he is getting ready to open up some more rows.


Harvest 2013 244


Now he starts to blow the silage into the buggy behind him.


Harvest 2013 237


Here’s what silage looks like up-close.


Harvest 2013 218


It started to pour rain while they were chopping but you can see both chopper spouts and the wagons they were blowing into.


Harvest 2013 246





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