Chopping Corn!



Harvest 2013 - Chopping 005


Shooting the silage into the buggy.

Harvest 2013 - Chopping 006


You can see how the corn gets pulled into the chopper. He’s taking 10 rows of corn at a time.

Harvest 2013 - Chopping 008

Harvest 2013 - Chopping 009


He’s turned around and ready to go up the next 10 rows.

Harvest 2013 - Chopping 011


The chopper fills one buggy while the second empty one drives alongside ready to switch with the full one.

Harvest 2013 - Chopping 013


This is after the chopper driver has filled the one buggy and the second is now next to him being filled. I will put up video in the next post so you can see the “dance” they do to accomplish this.

Harvest 2013 - Chopping 019

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